Friday, January 6, 2012

creative courage e-course + interview

firstly, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my last post ~ it's such a boost to read all these and i'm sure i'll pop back and re-read :)

i thought i'd post a link here to stephanie levy's excellent e-course about opening up your creative confidence. i've done an interview for the course, which is exciting! so great {and flattering} to be involved. {thanks stephanie!}. there's an introduction to the women involved on stephanie's blog.



Kylie said...

Looks fabulous, Belinda! Congratulations on your interview too :) Kx

Hazel Terry said...

Just catching up on my favourite blogs and found I had alot more to catch up with on yours.
I wish you a Happy Healthy New Year XXX

annamaria said...

Lovely interview Belinda-( Love your photo as well- you look beautiful) Stephanie definitely has lots of brilliant things to teach about creativity!


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