Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my creative space shop sorting: spoonflower + society6


after thinking and thinking, i decided to moved my fabric collection from my etsy shop to my new spoonflower shop. i thought i'd try this option for ease, time management issues and cost ~ it's way more affordable now! will see how it goes.

i got really inspired by the email from society6 this morning about making new throw cushions and thought of having this design in hot pink! was wishing for neon pink and orange, but don't know if that can be done. i have a new design almost done too ~ just need more time.

also, society6 have free shipping until monday .  .  .

happy creative space day!


Vickie said...

love the pink - yay for pretty fabric :)

Krystal said...

i didn't know spoonflower existed, cool! that's such a cute iphone case..

helicopter6 said...

This is such a lovely light sophisticated design!

annamaria said...

Fabulous design Belinda. Looking forward to the one almost finished as well. Best wishes for the new store;-)

Lisa Rivas said...

Very nice, love how you combined two styles or moods. Have a great day!

june at noon said...

Love this particular design! It lends itself well to both applications!

Marble medallions said...

The spoonflower patten is my fav. and the work you have done for iPhone case is admirable. xo
~ Herman Swan


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