Monday, April 1, 2013


have been loving making this calendar with my little guy!
this is his favourite so far. there is one that he really doesn't like ~ i asked him to put it aside for a month to see if his opinion changed. nope, apparently it's just no good.
am going to keep it to making one or 2 months at a time so that i can see how the work changes.

happy april!

ps. 92%!! too exciting!


Kylie Hunt said...

They are just fabulous Belinda :) Kx

Meeling said...

Very cool!!

june at noon said...

Oh, I do really like that one! I find that putting a piece aside for a while and revisiting does work for me, but I have a feeling if my own little ones took the same advice, they'd have the same conclusion as your kiddo. Once they've made up their minds, you know.... ;)

Handmade Romance said...

hi belinda

congratulations!!!!!!! for reaching your pozible goal. the countdown for next month must be on : )

i look forward to hearing about your future adventures! yipee! so excited for you.

x evie


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