Saturday, December 27, 2008

beach weather

it's nice to hear about all your christmas fun - it's also reassuring that people are starting to blog again! {i know it was only a couple of quiet days!!}.
. . . a new print which is like a small tribute to the fact that it is finally summer here, well for today anyway . . .
i am looking forward to having some extra time to create over the holidays {between family visits}. i was really spoiled this christmas with gift certificates for art supplies so i'm going to branch out!

2 comments: said...

Good Blog.

tangled sky studio said...

this painting truly does look like summer but i'm really drawn to the piece in your last post (maybe because it's very grey and foggy here). It's been strange to be away from the studio and blog for so long but i plan to get back to work tomorrow (there's been lots of knitting going on here!)



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