Tuesday, December 9, 2008

project: decorations

i haven't been an overly christmassy person for most of my adult life probably due to living away from family and not having mum around. but now that i have kids things are different. it has become more exciting, especially as our oldest knows exactly what to expect!
we made this decoration together on monday, pics a little blurry due to melbourne's winter/summer light!
i am always inspired by what my son paints/draws/makes – he seems to have a style already and no inhibitions as to what to do next. eg the yellow and white one in the middle pic.


edward and lilly said...

They look fabulous. I love watching my nieces draw, they have no inhibitions about what they're doing.

jess gonacha said...

this is so adorable!! i'm totally inspired.

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

glad you like them! :)


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