Thursday, January 14, 2010

scoutie girl collage

big thanks to Tara for this great collage post on scoutie girl ~ and thanks to kellie for the shout out :)
scoutie girl has featured collage artists all week, you should go see!

hubby and i are off for our very first kid-free over night tonite! somewhere local with a pool. my dad and his wife are here to stay with the kids, so we are all happy.

** thanks also to nancy + kelly for these posts.

happy weekend to you :)


jeanamarie said...

ENJOY your night away! Sounds wonderful, I must schedule one of those someday :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! I would love a nite out. Enjoy!

cabin + cub said...

enjoy the romantic night out! and congrats on the feature! ;)

kellie @ 74 lime lane said...

Thanks! So glad I could help out!

amanda said...

Hope your date was lovely! i just blasted you with two awards, check out my recent post to see what I'm bloggin about!


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