Thursday, April 29, 2010

new prints

yes, more tents!
it seems that if i can't have something {coffee} i think about it on a deeper level . . . how much i love it, how it's tied up with being social, refreshed and inspired etc. these thoughts have been creeping into my work, as thoughts do.

:: the music festival 3 + detail
:: tent with coffee

happy friday!
do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


june at noon said...

I love them. I really like all the little tents, but I like how you've done something bigger and a little different with the coffee piece. Cravings to inspire you, eh?

Hazel Terry said...

The tent with coffee is wonderful, love the use of small blocks of intense colour.

Dee's Kitchen and Bath said...

Love the prints! We've been watching a series on Mount Everest and it reminds me of their base camp.

Life Smart it said...

i love it! .. very cute :)

BookGirl said...

Lovely! I love the tents, but equally love that the tent in the final image looks like a book to me, and that the little fluttering elements at top left seem like words. Thanks for sharing these!


rachel awes said...

it is so lovely here.
peace & love & all good things.
breathing space.
a place to abide in for certain.
i'm a follower! x

Crooked Sister said...

I love your tent prints. They make me slightly nostalgic but also remind me that it's almost time to hop in a car and go tromping through the woods!

Denise Scicluna said...

very sweet tents! really like the idea


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