Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my creative space

i've been entertaining myself this week with these little squares ~ dreaming up uses for them. they are cut from not-quite-there-yet prints {takes many gos to get colours right} or prints that i've marked or wrecked somehow but just can't throw away.

i had an idea that i got super excited about, but i'm not sure i can make it work. i was going to stitch them into diamond garlands. the sewing machine hated this idea. i got some great advice from lovely twitter people about using a thicker needle, adjusting tension etc, but i have a feeling 2 layers of non-flexible thick paper might be too much.

on to plan b!

have fun in your space today. pop over to kirsty's to play along.

ps. will draw the giveaway very soon . . . plan b with that one too, couldn't coordinate it with the boys this morning :)

p.s.s just want to thank lynsey for this post and amanda for this one :)


hmstrjam said...

maybe you could package them up in little packages to sell!

Kylie said...

Keep trying Belinda because I think that would look totally amazing! I've sewn paper layers before and from memory it can be hard going but well worth it in the end :)
Loving those bits... I hope you do come up with a way. Just had an idea: can you make a garland where you sew them to ribbon? The different texture underneath may be enough for the sewing machine to grab onto properly perhaps? Just an idea.
Have fun experimenting :) Kx

Amanda said...

Insane loveliness...I hope it works, whichever way you decide to go.

june at noon said...

If people can sew leather and thick vinyl and other such things, I'm sure you can sew the paper if you find the right combination of tools/settings. I think they all look so great laid out together, almost like they're meant to be framed together like that.

helicopter6 said...

Squares or circles or strips from old work is always great to creat something new. And with yours I know there'll be some gorgeous colour and pattern dynamism! Have fun with plan b.

vadjutka said...

pls, dont give up - I am very courious already!

Krystal said...

these look really cool - i think whatever you end up with will be great!

Swirlyarts said...

I sew through card fairly easily on my regular sewing machine - just remember it blunts the needle really quickly so you must change it before sewing fabric! You could always give the squares to me and I would turn them into cards with my trusty sticker machine! :)

A Beautiful Party said...

i love these little squares! i'm sure whatever you come up with will be great!


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