Thursday, June 2, 2011


i picked up a parcel {a birthday present} [** oops, sorry to be confusing, my birthday was in april, it was a late present!] this morning and opened it at the cafe next door ~ it was this gorgeous bag, pouch and brooch from vanessa of ziazia. i love it. the bag folds over at the top to become messenger style. thanks vanessa! i feel very spoilt!

also, i won an instant herb garden giveaway on tracey's blog {a while ago, sorry!}. i entered for the kids really as they love to garden. the packaging is so sweet and they were very excited. thanks tracey :)

happy weekend! anything fun lined up?


Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

OOh, I love a good snail mail day! Such a cute bag! Happy weekend!

lamina @ do a bit said...

What wonderful presents... such great colours!! LOVE the instant herb garden... so CUTE!! You are a lucky ducky :)

mizu designs said...

Love those new textile designs you're working on. And happy birthday!

Kate said...

They are such wonderful packages Belinda. What fun.
Our weekend will hopefully be a quiet one. Lots of sewing and painting and planning for the caravan adventure and a few 7 year olds for a sleep over.
I hope yours is wonderful.

june at noon said...

Lucky birthday girl! Seems there are a few of us with birthdays this time of year (tho I associate mine with hot, sunny weather and you with the crisp cool).

Tracey said...

Ohhh parcels in the mail are super exciting, but even more so when they're associated with a birthday!! :)

I'm so glad your kids love the instant herb garden ... it's nice to see it go to such a wonderful home.


annamaria said...

So sweet- Lucky girl!!!XX

eeli said...

You have lovely blog! Eeli


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