Sunday, January 4, 2009

5 everyday loves

i've been tagged by .girlferment. to post 5 things i love everyday.

1. my little family {2nd pic is a little old but i like it!}
2. my lovely old lady {she's 11}
3. compulsory soy late - makes me loveable!

4. artwork by my 4yr old son and 1 yr old son :)

5. scenes from the bathroom! first one is post-bath water, 2nd one is light through the shower screen. i love how these everyday things provide inspiring/unexpected colours and forms.
i tag lauren, mitsy, beth, valerie, estasketch.


tangled sky studio said...

i'm in! (tomorrow)

.girl ferment. said...

oh lovely!
i agree with everyday things providing unexpected colours and inspiring form.

ArtMind said...

Love your scenes from the bathroom. Inspiring indeed!
And I'm with you when it comes to children's art - love it!
Thanks for the tag! I'll take a few days but I'll manage! ;)

jess gonacha said...

ooh, belinda, these are fantastic! and that soy latte made me want to drink one right now so badly. :) happy new year to you! i know it's going to be a great one for you!!

cabin + cub said...

hi gretchenmist

thanks for the tag! i will post my 5 everyday sometime this week.... have to take some pics still!

very cute pics you have btw for your 5.


gretchenmist/belkemp said...

thanks for all your comments :)
thanks jess!


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