Wednesday, January 7, 2009

brandi strickland/paper whistle

when i first started gretchenmist on etsy last march i was incredibly inspired by brandi strickland's collages and drawings. to me her work is fresh and unpretentious/raw. i completely get her collages – i feel satisfaction and post-production wonder {that i imagine to be the case for brandi} when i look at them! her mixedmedia paintings are great too.
1. cell wall 2. fox 3. you know 4. yellow 5. break your heart
images sourced from her website and blog, flickr, and etsy shop
: go see )


Lauren said...

her cell wall picture reminds me of a city map -- shows where my mind is! Lovely work -- thanks for sharing with us!

tangled sky studio said...

at first i thought these were yours and i was like wow...she's like two different people! they are really cool (especially break your heart)...

jess gonacha said...

she's one of my favorites!!! her work is just simply gorgeous. have a great weekend belinda!


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