Monday, January 12, 2009


i sat at my desk today while the family was out and the heat outside was building making holes and 'positives' for some new collages and listening to bjork {volta}. initially i was thinking 'i should be painting' but for some reason i couldn't start with my new paints – probably too many ideas and expectations that i didn't quite know where to start!
the punching helped me ease into a creative mode, forcing me to focus and take it one step at a time :)
will post the results tomorrow.
{just wondering: do your images load into your blogger posts in the reverse order, or is it just me!?}


Lauren said...

I cant' wait to see what you make out of these pretty circles!

Caley said...

My interest is piqued too! I just found your blog through Paper n' Stitch and i just love your work. I'll definitely keep an eye.

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hi caley, thanks so much for your comment :)
thanks too lauren!

tangled sky studio said...'s just you. (mine don't load in reverse)
i don't think the inability to start with the new stuff is just you however, i've been felling a lack of focus...need to experiment and play...i'm not sure what it is but if you find out will ya let me know?

.girl ferment. said...

that looks therapeutic.

my images load in reverse too, but i have only recently noticed it happening.

thanks for the dress link, i am enjoying looking around at the rest of their goodies too.

email me your postal details so i can send some samples your way



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