Friday, June 19, 2009

saturday shopping list . untitled

1. it's lighter than you think . groundwork
2. shhh . . . it's a surprise . selflesh
3. flat hemp purse - grey on black - armadillo at sea . mingus
4. felted light {dragee} . helenemagnusson

for more inspirational etsy saturday shopping lists or to make your own, go to fancypicnic :)
** images from the etsy shops listed above.

am off to do some supply shopping today ~ the second best type of shopping!


Mingus Designs said...

Thanks so much for including my purse

A Beautiful Party said...

i love these! especially number one!

kim* said...

i need some color to lite up my life.

Kylie said...

They're all gorgeous. Groundwork is a fabulous find - thanks for this! K

Felix and Jayne said...

what beautiful finds!

Shannon Rankin said...

Thanks for including my Shh... It's a Surprise listing.

Chocolate and Steel said...

I love the one by groundwork, but frankly I love everything of hers.

I just wanted to thank you for tagging me WAY back when. I finally got to it tonight. Here's a link:

amazoncat said...

I love that screen print!


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