Friday, September 4, 2009

saturday shopping list . light

1. hangelier 1.1 . organelle
2. asiatica - 8 x 10 photograph fine art metallic print . studiocvh
3. finchbird hamsa, fine silver, bird pendant, amulet, good luck charm . finchbird
4. ask alice - photography print . jkldesign

* all images from shops listed.
* for more etsy saturday shopping lists, visit fancypicnic.


tangled sky studio said...

love, love, love that light!


Alicia Istanbul said...

I love that triple exposed photograph. So cool (especially since it wasn't done in Photoshop).

Kylie said...

Oh yum... that light in the top photo has me sighing and want-want-wanting! :) Thanks Belinda - great list :) K

Lori said...

Beautiful photos.

Ooty said...


Leigh said...

Thank you so much for including my print along such great finds :) Love these discoveries too!


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