Friday, September 11, 2009

the white light . friday

i have been wanting to make these collages for quite a while and finally did! they look a little flat in these photos, but i like the way the white pieces on the white paper reflect slightly different tones and the bright light that comes off the cut edges {easier to see in the last 3 detail pics}.

* free world wide shipping this weekend.
* i played with etsy's new 'rearrange shop' feature last night ~ it's a fantastic new tool, slightly addictive i think! looks a little neater for sure, but i' don't know what happens to my specially arranged rows of 3 {in gallery view rather than listing view} when i list another item??

happy friday to you :)


RedorGrayArt said...

stunning work simple ~elk

Ooty said...

I love your Collages!
Have a great weekend=D

C. Wade said...

Oooo, these are spare & wonderful!

June rhymes with moon said...

Beautiful! I love how the white pieces are so dimensional. And I love that you've used the deckle edge of the paper in them! I always want to make the deckle edge more prominent but I never thought to cut it out and put it in the middle :)


jeanamarie said...

love the white on white - it is so hard to photograph i think - well, i struggle with it, is what i'm trying to say!

STELLAandHODGE said...

They are beautiful. Simple and elegant. I think they look great in the photos. I love just the tiny splash of color.

RedMarionette said...

These are so fun! What a neat idea and so clean looking!

Katya said...

This are beautiful, I love the white on white. (not to mention that the ones with hole punches look a little like faces to me)


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