Thursday, June 17, 2010

i won a giveaway!

Dana painted this gorgeous piece for her mother's day giveaway on her blog and i was the lucky winner! yesterday about 2 hours after i took the photos for this post the sun came out! it was so nice and bright {melbourne is famous for it's crazy unpredictable weather!}. i quickly grabbed the camera and took as many photos as i could!!
thanks Dana :)

p.s. when we move house i am going to treat myself to a non-grubby desk!! this one is a 'white' ikea one ~ not the best surface for my messy work!
p.s.s. i am long overdue for a giveaway here . . . any day now!


vadjutka said...

ooooh, you lucky duck!
I love her works - I just bought a print from her :-)

Leililaloo said...

Thank you so much, i am so happy you like her :))


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