Friday, June 18, 2010

saturday shopping list

1. porcelain kite brooch . niutaller
2. succulent 5x7 inch print . abbeytriesagain
3. it was colonel mustard with the rope in the library book art . ryhmeswithmagic
4. green indian enamel flower dandle earrings . jewelrybymichal

**images from shops listed. happy etsy shopping :)


caroline said...

a beautiful list belinda! :)

niu said...

wonderful selection!! thanks a lot for including my kit brooch!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

All so very fun and cool--I think I'll go shopping with you!

Luna said...

beautiful choices - thankyou.

kathiroussel said...

i love this combination of textures and pieces together-- and i fell in love with monica's kite brooch when i first saw it... all lovely belinda :)

Michelle said...

Oh yes,
I would go shopping with you,
really Beautiful!!!!

Victoria Webb said...

Great looking shopping list!


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