Thursday, March 7, 2013


i think this one is finished! have to stop myself from going too far with it, especially when it's 10 x 8 inches! this kind of work sometimes begs to be made bigger. . .  it's one of the paintings i was working on in the pozible video.
the pozible project is doing so well, thanks to all the lovely people who have supported and helped with spreading the word. it's all really great :)


Kylie Hunt said...

Beautiful work Belinda! Absolutely stunning :) I know what you mean - the temptation to overwork things is strong with me too, but this is just magnificent. Kx

Meeling said...

Love, love, love this one!!

tangled sky studio said...

love the larger size! it's scary going bigger but the colors in this piece will make such a subtle impact in a room. really nice work and congrats on the pozible're going to make it i can just feel it!!!!


katie said...

looks great, belinda! knowing when to put the paintbrush down is part of the gift. glad to hear the project is going well!

june at noon said...

It's beautiful! I love the texture. It's very "you," but I can see subtle creative change too, probably reflective of all the journeying you've done lately.

For myself, I'm working on learning to just stop, even if that means leaving some things "unfinished," because, as you know, you can edit and edit and edit, and it will never be totally done! Too often I am guilty of overdoing it instead of loving the rough edges and moving on.


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