Wednesday, October 15, 2008

design for mankind

a big thanku to erin for this post on designformankind, one of my favourite design blogs, this morning. erin is such a positive and supportive person and i really appreciate the help in finding a little business know-how. i've recently read this great book: craft inc by meg mateo ilasco and think now is the time to apply some of the concepts to my 'business'. so far i have been really happy to be producing the work and getting it into the shop, but have reached the point where i need some idea of the bigger picture to see where i can fit in! i find with some of the important decision that are to be made i am thinking and thinking but the more i think the less sure i become! so the next step is to ask someone experienced in the industry . . .


design for mankind. said...

Hi dearie!!! You're quite welcome--- it was so exciting to e-meet such a talented lady! :)

If you haven't received any bites on a mentorship, email me again. I'll give you some names that I think would be a great fit!

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

see what i mean?! thanks erin, lovely to 'meet' u too :)


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