Tuesday, October 21, 2008

work in progress

i caught an hour to work on this this morning {older son at kinda, younger one in the cot}. am still loving the carving, in fact it's very therapeutic! i wish the green was a paler one tho as my eyes feel like i've been staring at op art after a while. i've learned that it's best to start on the hardest part with these, then if it doesn't work there's not too much time wasted. i will get to test this one out on saturday . . .
we've been watching Dexter {a great series about a serial killer forensic cop who uses his skills/obesessions for 'good' - only killing other ruthless killers, not innocent people} and as i laid out my tools on the table i started to get flashbacks! funny how things you watch or read inhabit your brain!


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