Saturday, October 18, 2008


i've done some more rubber block carving and i think that i love making block prints! i made one yesterday morning that turned out to be backwards?? {i didn't test the print} all that work – i was pretty disappointed .... but then in the afternoon i made this one. i was pretty happy with the results with the white on red but got that feeling of satisfaction/excitement when i peeled the rubber back on the blue/green pencil background version. i know they need more work to get the print right but this is all i needed to get me hooked. it's so good when a little experiment turns out well!
i did buy a new tool for carving finer lines and changed from the super soft-but-too sensitive speedball rubber blocks to the blue/green rubber that is easier to carve than lino and it seems to have made things much easier/more successful.
rebecca from edwardandlilly has included my work and shop in her saturday shopping list. thanks rebecca, the online shopping list is a great idea. there's a gorgeous woodblock print on the list by mizu designs. here's an example of skillfull block printing :)
enjoy the rest of your weekend.


edward and lilly said...

I love these block prints.

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

thanks rebecca, i appreciate your feedback :)


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