Friday, October 3, 2008

dreaming, printing

after a really great lunch at fed square with hubby and the kids {both love going out for lunch} i stumbled across these guys who are part of the dream festival at birrarung marr, on oct 3-6. it was a sneak peak really as it started raining heavily and the piedemontes bag wasn't enough shelter for the little one in the pram! i quickly took these pics with my phone, hence the poor quality.
i've not listed the print pictured in the last post in the shop as yet! apart from exchanging printers {long and boring story involving a faulty one} and trying different papers in attempt to get the best results i realised that this particular design is not going to look so great as a tiny thumbnail on etsy! i'm working on an alternative and a solution!
i have finally come to a happy place with a few new prints which i will post and list over the weekend.
happy friday night:)

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tangled sky studio said...

public art is awesome-this looks amazing!


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