Friday, May 21, 2010

diamonds and flowers

i used anna's method {from thursday's post~ see comments} to clean up then coloured this one today. i have to say thanks anna! big time saver. the fuzziness needed to be around 100 to keep the pencil detail :)
hope you are having a fun weekend.


rachel awes said...

this is so pretty!
i love the wisps of petals
in good company
with the other sparkles!

karuski said...

Dainty little diamonds, love the way you make them. Have a lovely weekend!

Pass the Parcel said...

So sweet! I love it. You do such beautiful work.

june at noon said...

Looks great, love the colors and the delicate-ness. (Is that a word? ;))

Ooty said...

Very nice:)

gretchenmist said...

thanks so much ~ hope you're enjoying your weekends :)

Same Length Pinkies said...

My first thought was that this would look great as a fabric print, like for a child's bedspread. Sweet.

I'm new to this blog world and would love for you to check out my blog at

annamaria said...

Love the clarity and the delicate shapes- Hope you are well Belinda!
Annamaria :)XX


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