Friday, May 28, 2010

saturday shopping list . it's officially winter next week!

1. miner's vest . rosetung
2. ocean pier original abstract landscape . brianelston
3. recycled red rubber bangle . lianakabel
4. sashiko sampler dark indigo asa no ha pattern . feltcafe

**images from shops listed.

happy etsy shopping!


Kylie said...

Yah for winter! I'm so excited :) Love your winter finds too Belinda. Kx

Michelle said...

Oh that looks so cozy,

Sherry said...

I love how you are going into winter, just as I make a post about heading into summer.

And the world spins 'round and round.


Huismus said...

We're ready for summer here, but I kinda miss those chunky cowls and gloves :-) I'm a big Rosetung fan, and I love that vest!

I'll make some tea and browse Feltcafe's shop now..

Great finds!
Groet, Simone

nathalie et cetera said...

the miner's vest should keep you warm!
superb painting!

Rosetung said...

awww, thanks for the love! awesome to see this positive feedback on the vest. much appreciated! cheers, j

handmade romance said...

ooo the miners vest looks super snuggly. perfect for a melbs winter!!


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