Friday, May 7, 2010

saturday shopping list

1. emdash necklace . dotoverdot
2. mid march in the appalachians quebec canada . fournierpainter
3. forest floor collage made with discarded envelopes . snphillips
4. all things considered mini earrings trio . melaniefavreau

** all images from the shops listed.
happy shopping :)


inaluxe said...

all soooo gorgeous! Have a fab weekend Belinda. lots and lots of hugs! xo, Kristina.

Michelle said...

Really wonderful choices!!!

Leililaloo said...

Happy mother's day to you tomorrow!

The Art Cupboard said...

what lovely things! the forest collage and the earrings i find particularly wonderful :)

Sam said...

Gosh! What a gorgeous selection!


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