Friday, February 20, 2009

a little saturday post of appreciation

. . . yesterday at the start of my sacred block of art time i found myself, almost one hour later, still entrenched in my google reader. eeek, i thought, what am i doing with my time, it's disappearing and i've not got anything started yet. . . and lo and behold the same thing is happening today {i have a couple of hours to work on saturdays, pre-cricket}. what am i doing!?
answer: finding loads of inspiration, catching up, and incredibly – finding answers {which will save so much time}!
thanks janellelile for this post – some very valuable photoshop tricks :)
thanks heather for this post – some visual inspiration {and excellent work}. just looking at this post made something that has been circling around in my brain unsolved click right into place : )

{. . . my new banner, which is also in progress – it's a little too blurry!}


tangled sky studio said...

i too get sucked into a time warp and spend many hours looking, thinking and commenting...i love your latest pieces and look forward to seeing what heather inspired!

Chrisy said...

Yes it's very easy to get lost in cyberspace but oh yes it can be so inspiring can't it...

ArtMind said...

Yip, same feelings here. You just reminded me that I should start working actually! :) Happy weekend - hope you will enjoy your me-time! :)

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks for the love, Belinda! I started painting on one of those canvases yesterday and if I can get it all edited, I'll post a video.

And next time I write a little how-to, I'll stop being so lazy and include some screenshots :)



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