Tuesday, February 24, 2009

48 hours

some pics from my mini break!
it was so refreshing to be able to read, leave the building whenever i felt like it and to think my own thoughts {rather than answer lots of questions, think about logistics and chase my smallest boy around, all at the same time!} for 48 hours. mostly i read and read {a fantastic book that i will share with you as soon as i finish it} and swam. that is my deckchair – i only fell backwards off it once!
and the highlight: hoping into the car full of boys once the time was up :)
hope your week has started well!


C. Wade said...

Wow, that pool looks absolutely amazing!

Chrisy said...

Looks wonderful...you'll have to make this a three monthly event!

edward and lilly said...

How lovely, and well deserved I'm sure.

ArtMind said...

Great shots! I'm glad it was refreshing! :)

Alissa said...

Oh Gosh...that chair does look quite topsy-turvy! I hope the deck wasn't full of spectators at the time of the "incident!" Looks like a lovely getaway!

Anonymous said...

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