Friday, February 20, 2009

the boards . friday

it's been a week!
one of those busy ones with not much obvious progress in the art department. i've got quite a few pieces that i've started, so they are in progress. and i'm learning the fine art of finishing things. this is an in-progress acrylic painting on one of the boards that i bought at the start of the year – i finally feel ready to paint freely.

this weekend is going to be quite a different and exciting one for me – i'm taking 2 nights off! i'm going to stay in an extremely glamorous hotel in the city and i plan to do not much other than read, swim and sleep {can't remember the last time i did that}. it will be the first whole night/s away from the kids, which is why i chose a getaway that is 10 minutes away!

i hope you have something great lined up for your weekend.
happy friday :)


ChichiBoulie said...

enjoy your weekend. i'll be doing the same this coming spring, meeting up with a friend. can't wait!

tangled sky studio said...

hi belinda,
getting away for just two days can be so restorative and relaxing...i wish you a warm and wonderful weekend! see you next week....


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