Friday, February 27, 2009

a little progress . friday

how quickly friday comes around!

i've spent some time organising my workspace – it's one of those things that is really important yet always takes a number in terms of what i actually do with my small blocks of time. making the work is the priority. the job is half done – i'll post some pictures when i am proud of them!

this another in progress piece – 'i remember it like this'. it's more layered that the other ones, which i like. in fact i really like layers! i also like the consistency of this paint mixed with the gel medium, it looks like resin or wax {it's transparent} – i feel like i'm making jewellery!

the others in this series are done {pics coming . . .} and the 'white trees' painting is also done {ditto re pics} . . . i think finishing work is becoming a new addiction for me {fingers crossed!}.

i hope you are enjoying your friday/or the lead up to it :)


Chrisy said...

Your work would look great on fabric...

tangled sky studio said...

Hi Belinda,
The pictures from your last post look glorious and I'm so inspired by your run of finishing things. I look forward seeing more pics soon (love the layered look here)...

Lauren said...

I love seeing how your work has been changing and progressing...thanks for sharing with us!


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