Thursday, May 14, 2009

friday . work in progress

this is today's effort in its stages {unfinished}. i may have been influenced by the grey day outside using the muted blue/green/grey. i'm not a fan of the actual grey day, moodwise, but i do love how it makes the all the other colours in the world pop out.
this one is on stretched linen. i'm now a convert to linen! i've only painted on canvas before and i really love the texture and feel of this linen compared.

do you have anything fun planned for the end of week??


ArtMind said...

Ohh, how I loe to see your work in progress! If you are insprired by a grey day, what does a sunny day look like? It looks so alive and happy to me! :) Happy weekend!

artsyclay said...

Beautiful work!

hi from the etsy forums ~*~

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your work in progress, and I know what you mean about grey days. I live in Arizona, so we get a grey day once every three months or so.

I think I'm starting a new project - hopefully this weekend or early next week. I found a really cool quote by David Bowie, and it is driving me crazy to make a painting full of stars.

Have a good one!

June rhymes with moon said...

I've been too cheap to paint on linen because I'm afraid I'll really like it and then not be able to go back to canvas :) Those look like nice deep stretcher bars too...I love how a deep canvas pops off the wall.

I really love the way the bands of color are blending into each other. I could never get any of that nice subtle stuff to happen when I tried acrylics, which is why I switched to oils. Um, this is acrylic, right?


gretchenmist said...

thanks guys :)
janelle - not to be advertising for golden, but i had the same issue re acrylics and used to paint with oils for that reason - golden behave a little more like oils! i love them. mine are the liquid ones but you can get an 'open' range that stay wet longer, so even more like oil.
know what u mean re linen - i found these ones at a local stretchers who make small affordable ones from leftovers . . .
have a good wkend!

June rhymes with moon said...

I've noticed those little Golden liquid bottles in some of your work in progress pics and I've been wondering how they felt to work with...I suppose I could always try a couple of colors and see what I think. It also seems like it would be much easier to do multiple layers with acrylic. I've been sticking with an all-at-once approach lately with oils to avoid all that crazy fat-over-lean chemistry nonsense :)

Can you tell I miss painting classes and looking over everyone's shoulder and asking them about their paints, brushes, etc etc ?


Robert W. Leonard said...

Very cool, I like how you do your work in stages. I could take a lesson from that. I usually just jump into things and see how they turn out. :)

brand-eye said...

i really love this!


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