Friday, May 15, 2009

saturday shopping list . rings

1. lemon juice ring . iheartice
2. small cup ring aqua . thalassajewelry
3. mandala ring-ecru . lesthings
4. almost pastel - fused glass ring in baby blue, apple green and red colors . vadjutka
5. tiny city resin ring . sprawl

i'm really enjoying making these shopping lists! and i love rings :)
to see more inspired etsy saturday shopping lists to to fancypicnic.


edward and lilly said...

Nice one, I love the small cup aqua ring, it's gorgeous, have added it to my faves :)

Have a lovely weekend xx

Unique Women In Business said...

Oooh love them all! Great Blog!

vadjutka said...

I just love rings!! Thanks a lot for including...they are so pretty!

Amy said...

Lovely choices!

handmaiden said...

difficult to make a choice from that lovely list

carollai said...

those are great rings. and great photos of rings... photos are so key! :) do you just look around etsy til you find things you love? etsy-land is like a meat market... insanely crowded with creative folk. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh - I love the mandala ring. It is so rad! Etsy always makes me want more money...

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous rings!!


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