Friday, May 8, 2009

friday . work!

another friday happily lost to painting, listening to music, drinking coffee and generally re-balancing my tired brain {i seem to get stressed so much more easily if i don't get enough time to paint}! what more could i want from a friday?
this is one that i started the other day and i think it is finished.
lately i've been listing pieces like these as prints rather than as original pieces {in the shop}, which i hope is not like releasing a movie straight to dvd! what do you think about having work available as originals vs prints and the option of both available simultaneously??

i hope your friday has been great :)


Jessi said...

i am going to save up and buy one of your prints! i loveeeee them <3

Jessi said...

nothing wrong with prints and originals at same time as you have 2 different markets when you list both :)

ArtMind said...

I love the little red that adds lots of vibrance in this work.
I think it's perfectly fine to list both in your shop. It gives people the choice.

June rhymes with moon said...

I've been putting both into my shop because I like giving people options and I think it makes the print look like more of a bargain. But I'm new at this, so who knows :)

I really like the layering in this piece and the pencil lines showing through. And I think listening to music while I work keeps me from getting stuck in my head and hesitant about changing or adding to what I'm working on.


gretchenmist said...

thanks jessi! thanks all for the feedback, it's great to hear what you think - was thinking along the same line esp with the economic situation as it is . . .


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