Friday, May 22, 2009

saturday shopping list . brooches and an object

1. anxiety. wooden brooch. pencil and acrylic . craftyfolk
2. black board brooch - tell it like it is - rectangle . zowe
3. {new} tropical cocktail brooch . LaCometaLab
4. cool lemon yellow bear with blue crystals . ememem
5. miniature dorothy . ashleyg

happy saturday shopping! for more inspirational etsy shopping lists, go to fancypicnic.


esta sketch said...

i just love the brooches, my favorite accessory!

Little Dickens Designs said...

That felted bear is so darling!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

What a fabulous list! I love them all and I must say that brooches are indeed the best accessory! Hope you are having a delightful Saturday.
Sophie x

handmaiden said...

cute list and the yellow bear if my fave

Christina said...

Fun items!! Thanks, because I don't think I had visited those Etsy shops before and love finding new ones.

Anonymous said...

Nice list - I want to take that little yellow bear home.

Christie Cottage said...

I love your bear!

tangled sky studio said...

the bears by ememem are magical...thanks for a much needed bit of inspiration!

hmstrjam said...

love the colors in that brooch!


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