Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 million text messages

this is what the text message from the police said this morning:
'Extreme weather in Vic expected Tuesday March 3. High wind and fire risk. Listen to ABC Local Radio for emergency updates. Do not reply to this msg'
it was sent to 5 million victorians! quite incredible really – the weather is getting so out of hand {not a new statement!}.

this pic is a perfect illustration of our day! they are binoculars on a handle and if you look through them you can see 2 of everything :)

we stayed home today & i over did it in the kitchen {lots of orange and poppyseed cupcakes, half of them burnt on the bottom}!


ArtMind said...

Fun binoculars! I hope that the fires will stay away now & I hate it when my cupcakes burn on the bottom.
I still eat them though (except for the bottom of course) :)

Chrisy said...

Gosh the warnings are awful aren't they...so important for little ones to be happy playing making things like these binoculars and helping bake cakes...

Rachel Power said...

Yeah, today felt like a bit of a sign of what's to come, didn't it? Felt very strange having to tell my children that they couldn't go outside all day. (I was too worried a tree might fall on them.) Such oppressive weather.
Had to laugh, though, yesterday when I got that msg on my phone from Vic Police and my boss started boasting that he was obviously the only one in the office not on the police database, 10 seconds before he got the same msg.

tangled sky studio said...

wow...things are changing everywhere. the unprecedented weather changes are so ominous...i hope things calm down and cool down for you soon.


Anonymous said...

Those are great. My dad always used to make binoculars with his hands and hold them to his eyes when he was being weird - we loved it.

Anonymous said...

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