Monday, March 2, 2009

found & finished

i often finish or almost finish work and have them sit in my folder for a little while while i get used to them or decide how i feel about them. it's part of making new images for me – sometimes they gel with me as i'm working and i just have a knowing/familiar feeling about them and other times i need some time to get to know them!

. . . here is community of peaceful souls who love to watch the grasses move in the breeze and the colours slowly change from the loungeroom window . . .
they're in the shop :)

** my treasury was on the front page this morning!


jess gonacha said...

these are beautiful! i particularly love that white texture on the bottom of each.

and congrats on the front page- that's so exciting!

Lauren said...

the blue and green accents are quite lovely

Anonymous said...

ooh these are really lovely!


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