Tuesday, March 10, 2009

blog cleanup!

i thought it was about time! i was also inspired by the massive overhaul that has been going on at www.madeit.com.au – a great aussie online handmade market place. i have a gretchenmist there too, stocked with prints only at this stage.

i'm gradually moving all my knitting to flickr instead of trying to keep things going with 2 etsy shops and 2 madeit shops! i think it'll be far more practical . . .

i went with the blurry header image – i let it sit for a while in my etsy shop and thought it actually looked ok blurry! {am open to other opinions tho}.

+ i've changed the blogroll to the type that shows snippets of posts.

phew, am tired now :)

1 comment:

edward and lilly said...

Don't you love a good blog makeover. I like your new header, it's lovely and subtle, indicative of your work.


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