Thursday, March 5, 2009

'white trees'

this painting is finished.
i like how the texture of the board is visible through the sky section – looks like steam/smoke swirling through the air above the homes. {the links take u to flickr where u can see the detail!}
it took me ages to get the colours looking like they do in the physical painting. funny/frustrating how the layers of paint all seem to be read by the camera and interpreted in a misleading way. i would love it if there was a book on photoshop designed for artists! there are so many 'manual' style books for people wanting to create wacky images or sci-fi style work etc but none that i know of that can help make artwork look like artwork.
do you know any??


ArtMind said...

I know what you mean but I don't know any I'm afraid!
I love the colors you used and the orange and red make your work so vibrant and alive!

Alissa said...

Lovely work...beautiful palette, reminds me that spring is almost here on this side of the pond! There MUST be such a book out there...or perhaps, you've got to write one!

tangled sky studio said...

i know color is so tricky. i found that once i scan a photo in if i open it up in photoshop and hit color correct it usually gets it pretty close....
love the dots in the lower portion of this piece.

cabin + cub said...

so lovely!
not sure of any books though... i usually scan my smaller works and have to color correct in photoshop.

June rhymes with moon said...

I usually assume that if it's close, it'll work because you have no control over other people's monitors anyway. It's frustrating but I don't think there's really much you can do about it.

As far as PS for artists, I think we have to just learn to do things and then help each other out, because I agree - books are mostly not helpful to me.

And I love the new piece!


gretchenmist said...

thanks for all the positive feedback re the painting.
helping each other w p/s is a great idea – if i ever do something clever with it i'll be sure to share it here!


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