Thursday, March 26, 2009

my creative space

i figure if i can't spend time working in my creative space i can still add to it! there was no kinder today due to a staff training day so we went shopping. i have gesso, sticky tape and some bright green drawers to store work that is 'drying' or in progress. i think they are so pretty!
the girl in the background is an abbey mcculloch that was in the first issue of frankie magazine as a poster. she is one of my favourite australian artists.

to play along and share your creative space, head to kootoyoo.

* thanks for all the entries and word-spreading for my giveaway so far :)


Sophie Appleby said...

I totally need some of those draws but on a giant scale! They are so lovely are bright!
Sophie x

Kirsty said...

In progress drawers are a fabulous idea.

Melissa said...

OMG i'm obsessed with Abbey McCulloch! long have u been a fan? so bumbed i missed out on the first issue of frankie, but i got my hands on the second! hehe wb xox

Melissa said...

Hi belinda! thanks for your comment! Its exciting to talk 2 someone else who also loves abbey's art! i've been a fan of hers for about 4 years!

I know what u mean about it being hard to find her work on the internet, considering she is so prolific, it is odd. For some reason it used to be alot easier plus she used to have her own website, which was awesome, but sadly now she no longer does :( I have ALOT of her work saved on my computer from years ago! I can always send you some if u like :) they are amazing!

The work i posted was from:

I bought my abbey m painting from there a few years ago! its called "blue roamer". Its an amazing gallery!

She's also represented by and

sorry this is so long, i got a bit excited lol i love your blog by the way, its just awesome!

W/b when u can! melissa xx

Melissa said...

Hi belinda!

Sorry for my very late reply. My computer has been out of order for quite some time, it was been pure torture lol but everythings working again, so i'm hoping it stays that way.

Yes i was very lucky to get my hands on my abbey m painting a few year ago, remember its never too late to own one, you wouldn't regret it! But i agree, i love her older work, if i could go back in time i get one of those, i'd be forever happy lol

The gallery that i mentioned i go to (to see abbey's work) Schubert contemporary is actually closing down next week, after almost 20 years:( i was soo sad when i found out. I don't know what i'm going to do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed abbey will be represented by a gallery somehwere close by.

Anyway i shall let u go, if u ever need any pics of abbeys art, i have many so just let me know and i can email them to you, ohh and w/b means write back lol

anyway keep up the awesome blogging
melissa xx


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