Monday, March 16, 2009

harmless addictions

i was tagged by jess gonacha to reveal 5 addictions!

these days they are pretty harmless ones . . .
1. coffee . needless to say nothing works prior
2. chilli . almost all of our meals have sambal chilli in them
3. green/blue . another needless to say
4. the series . we love to watch series s at our house! there's not much brain space left to read at night anymore and having a series is like reading a great book. am watching an aussie one at the moment, love my way {which is incredibly well done but emotionally hard-going} and the beginning of veronica mars. favourites are 6 feet under, sopranos, entourage, carnivale + dexter.
5. hoodies! i can't think warm top without thinking hoodie. sadly. i bought a jumper last week and had to take it back to swap it for the hoodie that i actually wanted but didn't buy because i thought i should branch out a little.

i'm keen to hear about your addictions!
i've tagged: anna betts {colour + sound}, mitsy {artmind etcetera}, beth {tangledskystudio}, m on the side, janelle {june rhymes with moon}, but would love to hear yours too if you want to play.


ArtMind said...

I share some of your addictions but I'll try to think of a few other ones! :)

jess gonacha said...

these are good ones! i am totally addicted to sambal chili, too. in fact, ryan just said tonight that he couldn't believe how much i go through!!

mchen said...

Thanks for the tag, ms. g :)

Nice call on all the series! I think you need to try "firefly". It's only one season, but WHAT an amazing show.

Just posted my addictions!

June rhymes with moon said...

Huh, I tried to comment earlier but I guess it didn't go through. Let's see, what was I saying...I made a snarky comment about how we artists are never addicted to ANYTHING, how absurd! And I seconded the Veronica Mars sad when it was cancelled.

And now I can also comment on mchen's Firefly love - truly one of the great shows. Pushing Daisies - fantastic and just cancelled a couple months ago (sigh).


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