Thursday, March 19, 2009

my creative space

it was a short + sweet highly focused stint in my creative space today!

the task i set myself was to pack an order {it can take me ages to get them the way i want them!} and to make thank you drawing/collages to go with originals. i love making these as it can sometimes be a time allowance for exploration. i feel like i mainly have to put my head down and work on the stuff i have started to get things done and sometimes i miss the chance to let let things develop by themselves.

it was one of those good days where the weather was perfect and i felt free/content with what i was doing!

play along and show your creative space over at kootoyoo :)


Sophie Appleby said...

Oh i'm totally feeling your creative space today, I love how its so you, all white and the very cute little green shuffle. What a beautiful idea to do little thank yous like that. I love the idea of having a whole handmade experience with the packaging and everything. Just beautiful!
Sophie x

Kirsty said...

Yes Sophie & just the little peek of green paint at the edge.

The perfect weather makes a HUGE difference to me too.


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