Monday, July 13, 2009

domestic . inspiration

i might have mentioned here before that the first 3 days of my week are entirely domestic! i'm not naturally a domestic individual ~ but have kind of become that way since having kids. {tho i may never love cooking}. every now and then, amongst the kids' stuff {mess, toys etc} i spot a pile of my stuff and think about colours etc {there is a crochet chain hiding in this pile that may one day be the start of a scarf i decided to make!} . . . doesn't the lego inside this little cabinet look ghostly!


Anna Betts said...

As a thumbnail this looked like a cute little bubble car! I wish inspiration would jump out at me at the moment, am struggling a bit! xx

hollie said...

very inspiring colors indeed!

and better legos being ghostly in drawers than on the floor. i've stepped on enough that i cringe at the sight of them now. :p


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