Monday, July 6, 2009


cjh ~ 17.12.49 - 6.7.89
this is my mother in her early 20s. yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of her passing. i like to make a note of important dates ~ the message is the same as the one i made for her 10th anniversary . . . time makes things like this very abstract.


Jessi said...

what a beautiful face. thank you for sharing!! She has one of those infectious smiles!!

belinda said...

what a beautiful photograph of your mother.
time passes but love remains always.
my best to you.

Kylie said...

This is so lovely. It's good to share. I'm coming up to my dad's 12th anniversary in October and it still feels like yesterday. I was so numb about it for a long time. His memory catches me at odd moments these days and I find myself missing him terribly. Here's to your beautiful mum! K x

littlechrissy said...

Your mum was just beautiful. How lovely you are celebrating her life.

stephanie levy said...

Your mother really was a beauty. It is wonderful that you have such positive memories of her and can celebrate her life.

Amanda Nicole said...

What a great idea! Every year that goes by after my father's passing 15 years ago, I think that I should do something commemorative, I just don't know what.

ellie said...

Thoughts with you.
Time doesn't seem to make much difference, does it - you just learn to live through it a little bit better.
Beautiful that you make a note each year to remember her. The only way that people are remembered is if talk and write about them.

gretchenmist said...

thanks everyone for all the lovely comments ~ i wondered whether to post about something personal like this here and am glad i did :)


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