Thursday, July 16, 2009

friday . work in progress

i just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and positive feedback on the brooches and pendants. it's so great having a blog and a little community of like-minded people gathered around! thanks for reading too.
here are 2 mixed media {drawing/paintings} on paper that i started this afternoon, and will hopefully form a series with this one. they are about that feeling that gets carried around some days after a dream-filled sleep that is kind of a mystery but at the same time a definite 'thing'! you can't quite put your finger on it but it affects everything.
am off to get a much needed haircut tonite.
happy friday to u :)


caramela said...

Lovely work Belinda- I agree with you about the bloging and having immediate feedback- so true - so important- enjoy doing your lovely work-

Kylie said...

These are lovely, Belinda - like a little breeze has picked up :) I've got goosebumps! I love being able to see your beautiful work... and that probably wouldn't have happened without blogging :) K

our little love nest said...

I so love the simplicity of your work and the feelings of dreaminess that I get from them. I like your way of putting it as a mystery but a definite 'thing'. Loving your inspiration. xo

cabin + cub said...

lovely.. can't wait to see them once they are done.

its the same feeling i get when i wake up knowing i had a good dream, but then 10 minutes later, everything is a bit of a haze and i can't remember it.. only that it was good. ;)

Amanda Nicole said...

I love the feeling of pleasant drifting and weightlessness in these. Very dreamy.

californiablue said...

Beautiful drawings - good luck with completing them - please post when done! Have a nice weekend :)


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