Thursday, July 9, 2009

friday . work in progress

the holidays are officially over, so it will be back to normal for the boys and i next week ~ always a little/big jolt!
a couple more aceos in progress ~ am now addicted to making these.
my wishful thinking yesterday resulted in a full day behind the computer fixing up photos for the brooch and pendant listings, which i am happy to say has finally begun ~ you can find the first couple here.
also, i followed a tweet and entered a competition and won a little ad spot for july on gold school, {thanks to danielle}.
happy friday to you :)


Kylie said...

These look lovely, Belinda. Back to routine next week? My girls are back at school next week too and I always feel lost in those first weeks like I have to imprint the routine all over again! I feel very selfish... others are going to gnash their teeth at me... I just bought your first-listed brooch! :))) I'm very excited. Thank you! K

vadjutka said...

addicted to aceos? :-)

did I ever tell you how I'd love a little wallhanging made of wood with your drawing? :-)

grats for the ad space!

Ooty said...

It looks great!!! I really missed looking at your art =0)

Anonymous said...

I really like your work...such nice, clean lines.

caramela said...

lovely work Belinda- good luck with your new routine- To tell the truth I feel so happy when everyone is at school-particularly with my teens, its nice to know where they are exactly-you know what I mean? I can paint better when I know where everyone is...Anyway, we have another month and a half of vacations...
Have fun!

Montagyoo said...

very cool! I love your shop. :)

gretchenmist said...

thanks for all the lovely comments.
yay, kylie ~ very exciting 8)
judit ~ that's gonna be my very next project :)
ooty ~ welcome back :)


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